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Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Every employer wants a safe, supportive, and legally compliant workplace, but getting there takes more than common sense.


The ADA was enacted to protect employees in the workplace who have physical and/or mental disabilities.  When an employee makes a request for a reasonable accommodation (whether implied or direct), specific legal responsibilities kick in that must be followed to ensure legal compliance.   


If the accommodation requested isn’t obvious, inexpensive, or simple, the employer will have to carefully analyze whether the request poses an “undue hardship,” what effect the accommodation has on other employees, whether there is a need for medical documentation and if it has the right to request certain information and documentation from the employee.  

I can help you navigate the sometimes complex, confusing, and often legally sensitive task of complying with the ADA and its amendments by: 

  • Creating or editing compliant processes, procedures, and policies for ADA compliance in the workplace

  • Helping you respond to employee requests for mental or physical accommodation, including facilitating the “interactive process”

  • Counseling managers to understand their roles and responsibilities pursuant to the ADA and to act and respond to employees in a thoughtful and compliant way


Diane Gold has handled ADA issues as a litigator, investigator, and facilitator.  She also has extensive experience with training and speaking on issues involving ADA compliance.  Diane can help you find the legally required and creative solutions often needed to fulfill obligations under the ADA.



Diane Gold has extensive experience with providing consulting compliance for issues involving employment discrimination, as well as sexual and discriminatory harassment. Protected categories include, but are not limited to:

Race - Color - Religion - National Origin - Sex - Pregnancy 
Sexual Orientation - Gender Identity or Expression - Age - Disability
Family Responsibilities - Marital Status - Veteran Status


Other areas of Employee Relations Consulting include:


  • EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Compliance; including EEO policies and procedures

  • Coaching and counseling managers and employees on employee relations issues

  • Analyzing legal strengths and weaknesses of complaints and investigative findings

  • Guiding senior management on complex employee relations issues

  • Terminations and discipline

  • Workplace complaint processes

  • Employee grievances

  • Hiring and firing practices

  • Policy compliance

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