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mediation services

Unresolved conflicts can lead to a tense work environment and result in disgruntled employees, formal complaints, lawsuits, lost productivity, and low morale.  A mediator can provide the objectivity, trust, and structure needed to successfully resolve many types of workplace issues.

As a mediator, I help employers resolve workplace conflict in a convenient, timely, and cost effective way. 

Mediation is a collaborative process in which a neutral third party helps each side of a dispute: identify and clarify issues, explore creative options for resolving issues, and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. The parties can be and feel heard and can create a mutual agreement in order to move forward. This process restores harmony, communication, and trust to your workplace.


In addition to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, I have experience using mediation to resolve issues involving inter-personal conflict, management styles, clarity of roles, expectations, authority, respect, workplace behavior, and the overall health of the organization.

Advantages of Mediation:


  • Avoids costly and stressful litigation

  • Preserves workplace relationships and communication

  • Allows individuals to feel that they are part of the solution

  • Puts the real issues on the table

  • Pent up emotions and stresses are safely released and acknowledged

  • Alternative solutions are explored


Call me for a free consultation at 571.766.8345 or email me at to see if mediation can benefit your workplace.

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